Friday, May 7, 2010

Its another day at the Covey homestead. Buddha greets the day in two rung fence pose. Not for beginner yoga students. After the supply grab made in town, we waste no time starting with the designing process... There were a couple arguments concerning aesthetics but in the end, everyone agreed: Jenna is right.
It was mid to late afternoon by the time I realized I had my camera and started to photodocument the process of dream-weavery. Above, Jenna hones the edges of her elegant yet simple "wingtip" design.
:) I just like this one ^_^
This is how the Coveys do business. Drunk.
Master Commander, Jerry Covey calling the shots.
Jenna's favorite part of the day: sanding / filing.
Jerry and Jenna hard at work while Jeremiah putzes around with his camera.
Oops. How did this get in here? I thought I deleted this one... ;)
Buddha Bernie the enlightened dust bathing cat.
Kim showed me some of her prizier stones.. This has to be the creepiest stone I've ever seen. :O Dinosaur? Elephant man? Alien? Nobody knows...
The next morning (Oh yes, Tea house building is a multi-day ordeal) Kioko being adorable as per usual... Sporting a nice J tail.
Everyone had their 2-5 cups of coffee and got cracking at the job.. Above, Jenna looking 12.
Jerry contemplates with squaring tool.
Meanwhile- Jenna and Kim were wasting no time devastating their backs on some heavy stone removal... And I helped.
The lovely Covey ladies working as a formidable team
After a most delicious lunch (no pictures, was too hungry) we got back to the work... see that sand? I hauled that :O. Here Jenna works to smooth out a nice foundation to replace the stones.
I managed to climb the tree nearby to get some artsier shots of Jenna as she smoothed and compacted the foundation further.
Not bad...
Daaayyuummnnn... That's a nice flat foundation! (we were very pleased with ourselves) Kim applying finishing touches here.
Kim and Jerry upholding the little tea house skeleton.
The cedar looking mighty pretty in the afternoon sunlight.
Jerry measured things occasionally.
I like the lighting here..
There was already a general feeling of success as pictures flashed-- Smiles in the audience, Jerry with a steely look of determination.
"Good enough" was our motto on the day.
I had to leave before we finished screening the whole thing, but I'm sure it all came together nicely.. A wonderful weekend comes to an end at the Coveys.. I dare say, the days were more productive than most.

I drove home and enjoyed the clouds, played my music loud.


  1. I can't wait to drink a well deserved glass of wine with you : ) Nice job babe. <3 J

  2. It's like Extreme makeover: Home edition, but on a tiny tiny scale.
    Haha :P
    Pritty nice job !