Tuesday, May 11, 2010

As many in the Mankato area already know, being as news gets around pretty durned well 'round here, Melissa adopted and saved a runt of a pig doomed for slaughter in the near past. I've only had the pleasure of meeting him once, but he's a charming little fellow if he is a little pigheaded.

Good ol' Pig Windom takes a break from all the rooting he's been doing since he moved in to greet new and peculiar smelling animals. Pictured below: Local vegan activist, "Dave", censors self for the camera.. Before this, he was yanking on the leash shouting for Pig Windom to "OBEY!" Pig Windom is stubborn and goes where he pleases.
Frankie finds a beautiful place to stop and take a doggerdoo on the lawn while Trooper points like a good ol' poo hunting dog.
Below: Trooper, inspired by Pig Windom, rolling around in filth.
Pig Windom making eyes at Frankie's behind.
I will always remember how he tried to mount Frankie and how Frankie responded to that advance... I have never seen a dog so angry.

Cheers all.

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