Monday, May 3, 2010

april into may

April came and is gone.. The month started out promisingly enough- a job, usually so elusive, just fell into my lap as I was picked up by "Rug and Carpet Caretakers" here in Mankato town. In the nick of time, no less... (My bank account had been steadily dwindling as bank accounts are oft to do.) A friend of mine was the in and I worked closely alongside him in the weeks following my hire. We were in the business of mending horrible and scarring atrocities done to the lawns of our winter snow removal clients. "Like putting a toupee on a whale." I says to Dan. Dan really liked that analogy. By the by work slowed down sumfin' fierce and By the end of the month I was let go. The discontinuation of our business relationship was comparable in many ways to nomadic communities' ceremonial: "crossing raging rivers a few miles up from the bridge so as to leave behind and to their fates all the old people burdening said nomadic communities"

"You basically got a month worth of free money" says Dan. "Eat shit." says I. I'll have to trounce him the next time we play chess. In all seriousness, I enjoyed working alongside the guy. He's a good man and if anyone thinks otherwise, they can just.. save it.

Between then and now there probably a few more milestones and points of interest.. My birthday for instance, it happened again. Now I'm a solid quarter century and life is opening up to me like some really pretty lotus. Morel hunting season came and went as well.. A modest but successful season, it was.

Above: blurry photographic evidence of morel hunting exploits. (photographic evidence tends to be...)

My birthday was a blast for the most part.. At least up until the end of my recollection of it. I opted for the standard overdrinking procedure that comes with the territory.. The best gift I received was from the lovely miss Jenna. A beautiful portrait done in pencil and a gift of watercolor paints and brushes. Thank you Jenna :).

Much of the weekend times this month were back and forths between Minneapolis and Katotown made in the name of love ;) The expensive long distance kind... But we manage, we do :).

One of my favorites city expeditions thus far has been the stone arch tour:
We walked around on a most beautiful afternoon with bellies full and Jenna's massive camera lens... We saw a technicolored segway tour, various city hardened waterfowl, several really adorable dogs... "did you see that one???" And we almost saw a skeleton down by the river. We think the dude was lying to his girlfriend, though..

Let's see.. An excuse for more photo highlights.

Above^ andre gets stuck in a tree on a morel scouting excursion.. He tore his pants, too. :)

Above. carl.. being cute.. the result of a cute cat contest with jenna :)

Above, Jenna being beautiful.

some pretty intertwined flowers^

Me having a snack.

Dave pissed dan off and rode in the back on the way home from a failed morel scouting excursion.. here's dave looking cold and Dan looking satisfied

finally, a bit of deer skeleton me and andre found in a tree.

next issue: may.

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