Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day

My brother Philip and sister Dinah kidnapped me from my room around 10 -11 am to include me on a special "surpise" edition of mother's day. Phil and Dinah live out of town and didn't tell anyone they were coming in.. Even I, their favorite brother, was left in the dark until the mission was go. Well fortunately I had already finished my mom's gift, a collaged card the day previous with Jenna at her parents' house.

as you can see, she loved her gift :) (she did.. she's faking her disappointment here)

And later that day Phil suggested that I move up to live with him in St Cloud which I've seriously considered and have agreed to do. I will be leaving within the month I believe.. SO. Big news, there you have it.

I'll leave you with a link (flash required) good ol' Dan'o sent me from up thar in Canada country: http://www.theoddmanout.net/games/beforeTheLaw.html

Have a wonderful day ;)

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