Friday, June 4, 2010

The reunion. (and a nice sunset.)

At the Ellis reunion, Sam, being reclusive at dinnertime. ^^
The lovely ladies, Jenna and Dinah. I like how their eyes pop with the green background.
Some neat eyecandies laid out in inspired fashion.
Steve's British car and the shed. Quite a lovely shed at that.
The outhouse (where I saw said eyecandies, and left flycandies)
This was the general assembly area. Mind the hostas.
Uncle John sporting his bird-watching binoculars, His mother, bored.
Nation, bored sitting on the bricks.
they asked me if I wanted to play badminton.. While they were waiting for an answer I took a picture and said "no, not really" and they walked off. John laughed at the situation.
Here we are on the eve of the second day enjoying our last supper with the Ellises.
on the way home, we stopped to look out at the sunset on the Mississippi. Very grand stuff, its a really nice drive down and back on 35. We stopped in at an ice-cream store in Bay City which I would suggest to anyone heading out that way. Also, The art gallery in Stockholm was really nice.
Jenna took a picture of the last rays of light climbing over the silhouetted trees... Very pretty columns of light and she managed to get a crucifix in there :p



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