Tuesday, April 21, 2009

on said hip hop show

well.. i didn't feel like taking pictures of said hip hop show.. turns out everyone was celebrating the weed-smokers holiday 4/20. a.k.a. hitler's birthday.. didn't want to enhance their paranoia.. the camera brought too much attention on me so i left it in a buddy's car. hip hop was alright though.. I did however take pictures on the walk down.

here they are:

this egg nearly fell on me as i walked by... i looked up almost expecting to see some ruffian kids laughing.. but it was a robin's egg that fell from the bas relief sign of "holiday inn".. i thought the moment was rare so i shot it.

1 comment:

  1. well the images are great. especially the brick wall and the ferns(vines) i dont know what u call them in english. but yes i like. we have discussed this before, man made and nature, go hand in hand somehow.
    the 117 image is great too, there is alot of movement for my eyes, they seem like never ending exploration sights.